Vampires & Veggieburgers


PCs discover each other's powers & a magic bus

Bethton Abbatoir

Fergus, Blair, and Elli investigate Bethton Abbatoir:

  • Fergus electronically picks the lock
  • They have time to investigate and discover evidence of abuse.
  • Two newcomers arrive, and they hide.
  • Their are a pair of vampires from X2, and collect blood
  • Elli realises they are vampires, and tries to warn her mundane friends.
  • After the vampires leave, the PCs go through the office
  • The office has more incriminating material, including a metal symbol of X2, and a large cash sum (£500).
  • Blair steals the money for vegan projects.

The Vegan Food Bus Organising Committee

Later that day, many of the same people meet to talk about plans for a new vegan food bus, along with other involved volunteers. Patty knows that an existing food bus, ‘Roast Coach’, is looking to sell.

Before long, they start noticing translucent coloured giant serpents following them out of the corner of their eyes. They don’t know it yet, but these are Osarlox tracking Demons, sent by X2 to track down their money.

Patty leads the investigation of the potential bus, and its reputation:

  • As being haunted by the “blue lady”
  • And being home to a series of failed ventures, all with very bad food reviews.

So Elli conducts a seance in Duxton Castle to talk to the ghostly “blue lady” (with Fergus and Patty. (Elli’s ability to cast spells stopped being a surprise at around the same time they starting being chased by transparent serpents.) But she doesn’t find the blue lady. Instead her spell summons local Victorian ghost Mary Ellis, who recounts her life story and insists the ‘blue lady’, seen floating around the bus ever since it got here, is not a ghost but something else.

Fight vs Serpents

Blair reports being chased by the serpents, and he (and they) converge on Duxton Castle. In the ensuing fight:

When the demons have been fought off, the ‘blue lady’ introduces herself as Regina Torpington-Fortescue (Esq), identifying the creature formerly known as Patty Hakuta as a Were-badger.

Were-Patty isn’t aggressive. Elli uses a glamour to disguise her as a large dog, and follow her to a park where she digs a large sett. When Patty recovers she is surprised to discover that turning into a large animal when angry isn’t actually that normal.

Vegan cupcakes don’t wait for supernatural revelations, and the vegan food bus organisers (Patty, Elli, Fergus, and some others) decide to buy the bus. And so that’s where they are (with Regina, who has many questions about the 100+ years she missed) when X2 catch up with them.

Fight vs Vampires

A half-dozen vampires attack the bus through the front door. But our heroes quickly discover that when their blows land on vampires, they only hurt themselves. And that that the same goes from the vampires themselves to the point where one of them manages to dust themselves.

The vampires retreat, both demanding the handover of the thief (Blair), and offering a peace treaty (“I’m a businessman”), but perplexed.

Regina, who combines a sixth sense with a mastery of arcane lore, suggests that the artefact The Shelter of the Elect, which was protecting her in 19th century India, somehow got incorporated into the (Indian) bus, which would explain why she materialised there. The artefact’s strong protection against violence might even affect food preparation – it senses an omnivorous dish as an act of violence, albeit a smaller one, for which the pushback is merely spoiling the dish.