The Council

This is the successor to the Watcher’s Council in this brave new world that has so many slayers in it.

The London base lies beneath the British Library, and is reached through obscure tunnels in the Kings Cross / St. Pancreas Underground Station. They include:

  • Matthew Parks, a British afro-Caribbean man, a rock of calm (and politeness) in the turbulence
  • Rhys Lynford (technical), a youngish socially awkward geek. Welsh, like Torchwood
  • Nuria Hönigswald, a curt efficient slayer with zero patience for vegans

If you don’t already have underworld contacts, you might be able to find them via a cover identity – the hotmail address of the committee of the almost-defunct City of London Scholastic Society , who used to occupy a prestigious building in the City of London until it was destroyed in an explosion in 1999.

This is different to the sequel comics. See: Canon.

The Council

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