Terralith Eco

A large multinational corporation and regular winner of awards from environmental organisations – ironic ones, for greenwashing without any genuinely green credentials.

Sectors include electronics, and pharmaceuticals. (They conduct animal experiments.)

They are supernatural-aware, and The Council considers them important allies.

X2 had a contact on their network, but when Terralith staff confronted the member of staff whose computer handled the email, he (called Kevin) was dragged through an interdimensional portal by a demon.

Staff include:

  • Dawn Shepherd – ever-smiling Community Engagement Officer (in charge of sweet-talking meddling kids)
  • Derek Mattheson – IT manager (in charge of not being hacked by Fergus).
  • Andrew Clarke
  • Rachel McAndrew – senior research scientist, and line manager of aforementioned Kevin

Terralith Eco

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