Vampires & Veggieburgers

The Campus

Tsoudain'a's Endgame

January, 2018

“The Campus”, a Terralith Eco outpost in a secret hell dimension

The library demon Tsoudain’a has been laying his plots; making sure Patty owes him a career favour, planting a phony book already planted in the Willoughby library, scheming to free himself from the demonic pact that binds him to his master Oliver Portis, take control of the company, and assembling the components that will allow him to ascend to state of pure information.

He needs lycanthropes for his ritual. So he arranges for Gib Cain (who has served much of his sentence and is now on parole in Swede), to skip parole on Jan 15, capture a werelynx, and smuggle her alive to their facility in Kola peninsula, Russia.

And he needs someone else to undermine Portis’ hold over him. So he leaves a trail for our heroes.


Elli looks through her new Willoughby collection, and picks up a number of a new spells – some druidic magic in the margins of copy of the Ossian Cycle. She absorbs some fake information about Byblos weakneses from the forged “Littera Daemoniorum Bibliothēcārum” (Epistle on Byblos Demons) that T’Soudina had planted, as well as some true information about how Byblos Demon memories are kept hostage.

Fergus, unwittingly following Tsoudain’a’s crumb trail, works out that the data server in Freshwater, Isle of Wight is less well protected, and is the location of a physical disk that some of the connections refer to as Archangel.

Mon Jan 22, 2018


Early this morning, Gib Cain emerges from another Terralith Eco facility in a disused tin mine in Dartmoor, in the UK, to pick up more lycanthropes.

Isle of Wight

Katrina and Elli borrow Fergus’ car to the Isle of Wight, where they get the Archangel disk but can’t decode it without Oliver Portis’s two-factor authentication card. (A keyfobs or cards with an LCD display that shows a changing value that you can use to verify yourself.) They can also see, scattered around the base of the machine, as well as the components of the cryptocurrency conjuration (like a shattered hourglass), scraps of turf and map of leylines.

Walking by Afton Down, they see a vampire chases a woman in a bomber jacket. She drops her shopping and runs up the low hills of Afton Down. They give chase, and follow them up the moor towards some barrows at the top of the hill, but slams into an invisible wall – a wall that doesn’t affect anyone else. Katrina makes short work of the vampire, and then they start to look into the nine barrows site.

The site is a ring of five barrows around a larger one in the middle, and protected by a CCTV. Curious about the protective spell, Elli casts a spell to see buried bodies, and surprisingly discovers, as well as the bodies, a wooden box. She casts an illusion to hide from the CCTV whilst Katrina digs it up.

It’s full of CDs & DVDs. Back at the car (and waiting for the ferry), they try to load it on a laptop.

The screen jumps into life not with the operating system, but something else – a series of glimpses of Tsoudain’a.

As Tsoudain’a hoped, they have undone the enchantment that let Portis hold the threat of ineffable punishment over Tsoudain’a. He is still bound by the letter of a demonic contract, but he has freedom to get around it now, and he starts to use his cryptocurrency reserves, buying up golden shares that have controlling right in bits of Terralith Eco.

His aim is to take over the “Special Projects” shell company that owns the pact that controls him, and release himself from the pact. He calls an Annual General Meeting of the shell company to actually liberate himself – but this will be two long weeks away.

Tue Jan 23, 2018

The Stake Out, London

Our heroes meet upstairs in the bus to discuss the CDs & DVDs, realising they’re a remnant of Tsoudain’a. Fergus detects the share movements and AGM notice, and Elli begins to wonder what they’ve wrought. Tsoudain’a nicely asks Patty to retrieve his memories, and Patty – weary of the supernatural and not wishing to risk her big break – steals them away.

Much later that evening, when Elli discovers they are missing from the Stake Out, she casts a spell of location to find them, tracking them down to Dalston and then (after miscasting and setting fire to herself) to Patty’s studio flat there.

Patty nonchalantly claims to have taken them there for safekeeping, and blames them for interrupting her. Crashing on Patty’s sofa, surrounded by leaflets for the “Patty Cakes” TV show, Katrina is sure she’s seen the production company, “Stoneacre Productions”, somewhere before … and finds them in the report that Masa Hakuta wrote on the Terralith Eco corporate structure.

“I have this opportunity, I need to follow it.” – Patty

Confronted in the morning, Patty is again nonchalant – this is her big break, and she isn’t going to be stopped because it just happens to be owned by the wrong megacorp. As they head towards the day of filming at the bus, Patty even manages to browbeat her friends into buying her a coffee – but they retrieve the CDs & DVDs.

Wed Jan 24, 2018

In the complex structure of Terralith Eco, several subsidiaries hold shares in “Special Projects Resources Limited” – and Stoneacre Productions is one of them. Tsoudain’a tricks their finance director, Pio Pirlo, into moving that share to a phony shell company he sets up – and when Oliver Portis realises, he finds that Pio Pirlo is out of action. Realising that there’s shoot happening near Pirlo’s home address, he goes straight to the show producer (Calpurnia) to get someone to take a look. Which happens to be…

The Stake Out, location shoot for “Patty Cakes”

Katrina and Elli overhear the conversation. Katrina offers to show the ambitious and friendly young runner (Holly Estrada) the way. When they get there, there’s no response, and Holly lets Portis know. Portis sets off with a security team – whilst Katrina spots Tsoudain’a’s spiderbots lurking on the roofs and bushes, and texts Elli to come.

Tsoudain’a, meanwhile, discovers from Patty that Katrina and Elli have indeed got the box of CDs and DVDs that enclose his memories. He heads to Pio Pirlo’s to intercept Portis.

So everyone’s coming to …

The Street Where Pio Pirlo Lives, which I definitely named during the session

Then Oliver Portis arrives with security, and Katrina and Elli watch as they go in and come out. There’s a three-way confrontation with the spiderbots that isn’t improved when Tsoudain’a arrives.

He pleads with Elli and Katrina for his memories back, giving Elli pause for thought, but when it’s clear he’s not going to get them, he burns the box with a spell.

Portis remind him that his demonic pact prevents him from hurting Terralith Eco staff, and his entire security contingent get texts announcing they’ve been fired. Tsoudain’a knows a way around it.

Elli casts her “Sage retreat” spell to disappear and randomly appear … in the front room of a very surprised south London dad who was watching football.

After awkward introductions, he’s happy to act as the protector to two women hiding from a commotion. So Katrina & Elli shelter & come out when all is done.

They break into Pio Pirlo’s home to take a look, and find him upstaris, in a magical sleep, surrounded by candles burning red and symbols carved into the furniture – but also sustained by an IV drip and modern medical monitors. Examining them, Elli finds a hermeneutical symbol of binding and another that she identifies from an obscure invocation of a demon associated with sleep paralysis.

Chez Katrina, Duxton Circle

Elli needs to rest and recover from her injuries – she spends half an hour enchanting a healing acceleration potion for Katrina to administer first. They discuss whether to trust Patty – Katrina doesn’t, and Elli says she doesn’t want to not trust Patty. With Elli resting, Katrina checks up on the bus.

Meanwhile, Oliver Portis sends a polite message, apologising for Tsoudain’a, mention that Pio Pirlo is still unwell, and asks them to get in touch. They invite him to Patty’s wrap party.

Rested enough to do some research, Elli works out that Pio Pirlo is being kept in an unbreakable trace until the candles burn out, but he won’t otherwise be harmed. It’s all part of Tsoudain’a’s plan to keep hold of the shares long enough to take control.


But something doesn’t go according to Tsoudain’a’s plan. By now, news of the disappearance of Bierra Lindqvist has reached Kriminalinspektör Eva Alvarrson, who knows of her reputation as a shapechanger and possible werelynx. She mentions it to Jordi Casamitjana, and he leaves a message for Katrina at the Stake Out.


Meanwhile, at Greep farm in Devon, local cull sabber Andrew Reid creeps onto the Greep farm to check the sheds previously used for breeding werebadgers. He discovers something, and runs before being spotted.

Thu Jan 25, 2018


Elli hears the news from her contact Barbara Miller, and Patty still wants to stick up for werebadgers, and they drive off (in Fergus’ car, again) to the Greep farm.

They get there after dark, and plucky sabber volunteer shows them to they’ve seen suspicious activity. They discover, in a cage improvised from fencing attached to some broken-down foundations, a sleeping werebadger. Before they can free them, they’re interrupted by a van backing up, and Walter Greeps gets out … along with Gib Cain.

Walter Greep pulls out a shotgun, and Gib Cain a tranquiliser gun. Katrina has no problem disarming and knocking out Walter Greep, but can’t move quickly enough to stop Gib Cain tranquilising and driving off with Patty. From his perspective, one werebadger will serve the purposes as well as another. She manages to take out a tire with a shotgun before he speeds away.

Once Katrina disarms Greep junior, an uneasy truce develops, and she’s able to browbeat their contact out of them. The name – Dan Souta is another acronym and the email address is the Onion darknet address they turned up back in the Bethton Abbatoir investigation. They agree to send a message offering to switch Patty for the feral werebadger that they originally meant to sell on.

Their backup arrives. Which just happens to include Danny (he of the crush on Elli) and his sexist friend Martin. They backup a landrover onto the cage to pickup the feral cage werebadger, which is when they run into Elli.

Elli resumes her flirting with Danny, and his mates roundly mock up him. But he still gets to spend time with her and get her some badly needed coffee.

An Office with Glass Walls

Meanwhile, Tsoudain’a has a terrible headache. He’s accidentally caused harm to Patty, who is currently working for a Terralith Eco TV-show, which breaches his demonic pact, thus causing terrible magical discordance for him without him knowing why. This distraction means that when he gets a vague email offering to swap werewolves, he doesn’t really have the bandwidth to wonder why. So he dismisses it.

After getting this answer, our heroes decide to track down Patty.

Fri Jan 26, 2018


Using a picture from the publicity leaflets and a map of the west country on one of Fergus’ old festival T-shirts, they track down her broad location on Dartmoor, and Inbar drives to it through the rain with all haste, crushing its left front door so badly it won’t open in a T-bone collision on the way. (They did stop to exchange insurance, and left Fergus a message.)

There are a dozen villages and settlements in this area of Dartmoor, and it takes Elli & Katrina three hours to come across something suspicious – locked gates in a tall chain-linked fence in front of pair of restored old buildings where the lights – suspiciously – are on in the middle of the night. A sign calls it the “Clystleigh Retreat”, and has the Terralith Eco logo at the bottom.

They’ve come across the front for the Devon gateway to Terralith Eco’s hell dimension, built on an abandoned tin mine. They park the car to have a look around.

Elli & Katrina try to keep out of view of the security guards in the ground floor of the taller building. They overhear a conversation about what to call something – one of them calls it Tatooine, and the other, obviously a bigger Star Wars fan, lists the differences (“Not even the same number of suns.”)

The dawn light reveals a car park that’s far bigger than the two buildings need, including large branded vans and minibuses and a black helicopter similar to the one they encountered before. There’s also a garage door set into the taller building. The two buildings were the engine building and the lift shaft head of the old tin mine.

“If this matters I am never questioning you again.” – Katrina

Elli stops to pick up some rubbish and bin it – a timetable and a cigarette packet – and Katrina chides her for wasting time. But it is – it’s some kind of timetable.

The next event is “Sat, 27 Jan 2018 11:56 G1” – just before noon on Saturday.

When one guard pops outside for a cigarette, they try to bluff him and walk in, claiming to be looking for something they lost. Katrina takes the guard’s guns and knocks them out. Elli casts a spell to disguise herself as one of the guards, and takes the cage lift down.

Elli stops the left at a large underground chamber, with crates of supplies to her left, more guards on her right, a tunnel that’s reminiscent of the London Underground at the far end, marked by occult symbols at top and bottom, and to its left a cage with a werebadger.


Unfortunately, she doesn’t know enough to bluff her way through the chamber, and immediately triggers guard’s suspicions that their colleague Adam has been enchanted. So one guard starts to get out a circlet to put on her head, and that’s when casts “Sage Retreat”. Again.

Unfortunately, this chamber is lined with lead, and they’ve just closed the main doors. With the spell unable to send her anywhere, and her own control over the forces she’s unleashed slipping, she phases in and out across the room, triggering a dimensional gate to open in the tiled tunnel, and glimpsing a criss-crossed metallic sky and red sandy ground – the hell dimension.

Meanwhile the commander leads a squad of guards up in the lift and to corner Patty. They open fire, and she has to rely on her slayer healing for a couple of bullet wounds, but works her way through and down the spiral staircase down the shaft.

Elli rematerialises in pitch darkness. With the help of her ‘phone to light the way, she works out she’s an another horizontal mining shaft, which has been used to store some supplies, and works her way closer to the main shaft. She’s able to see Katrina going downstairs, and join her.

Katrina and Elli slip through the cage around the spiral stairs to quickly and acrobatically descend. Inside the main cavern, guards here the approaching gunfire and start to seal the doors – but it closes behind them.

Elli rushes for cover as guards open fire, but still takes a bullet in the shoulder. She grits her teeth and digs it out for later magical use. Katrina, meanwhile, tries to uses guns she’s grabbed for covering fire (she isn’t used to firearms) as she rushes towards Patty’s cage. She twists bars open, slips in, yanks out Patty’s intravenous drip, and manages to shoot the door control on the fire side of the room.

But there are two many guards, and too many guns, and they have the bead on our heroes. So they surrender (but still argue about handing over their ’phones).

The guards work out who they are and, in order to stay out of the corporate war between Oliver Portis and Tsoudain’a, they email both of them to ask. Tsoudain’a replies after half an hour saying to release Patty (and, they imply, the other two) – but this isn’t about protecting his agent. As she’s still working indirectly for Terralith Eco, his demonic pact compels him.

Katrina stalls, hoping to find more out about the portal. But it doesn’t take long for Portis to countermand Tsoudain’a, saying to keep them imprisoned.

This is when our heroes bolt. Katrina and a (now woken) Patty throw the cage at the guards. Elli puts up one magical shield, but gets shot from behind even as she casts the dousing of the fires, using the bullet she dug out of her shoulder earlier. But she’s tired, and worn, and the magical energies again cascade out of control, shutting down not just guns, but lights and mobile phones. And then she collapses.

Katrina rushes back to get her, and our heroes run up the stairs, pile into the car, and head off back to London with Elli bandaged and lying down in the back.


Katrina takes Elli to the secret supernatural-friendly private clinic for a check-up, and back to her home where the Pythagoreans deliver some magical herbal salves. After a little rest, she does try to make it to the wrap party.

Patty’s food prep for the wrap party has been a little bit disrupted. Everyone’s polite about her bland deep-friend south Asian snacks (kachori, batata vada and samosas), but everyone knows that the food isn’t up to her usual standard.

After a while, Oliver Portis himself arrives as promised. (He doesn’t know that they know he ordered them imprisoned, and they don’t let on.) He tries to blame our heroes for making Tsoudain’a more dangerous, and tries to browbeat them into leaving alone. When the topic of the Archangel disk turns up, he agrees to use his two-factor authentication card to unlock it for them. So Elli gets out her laptop, he unlocks it, and they discover…

… a collection of Wikimedia files, including a full copy of Wikipedia and Wikisource. Nothing secret. Nothing crucial.

Weekend of Jan 27, 2018 onwards

Over the next few days, Fergus joins them to augment their clues, and gets closer to the truth. They begin to suspect that the clues that led them to the Isle of Wight were a deliberate crumbtrail.

Fergus also discovers the bursts in Internet traffic that coincide with the timetable – at Clystleigh, Devon for G1, at a disused rig in the North Sea for G2, and so onwards to Essen, Germany; Kola, Russia; Bhuman Ghat, India; Kyoto, Japan; and Rapa Nui / Easter Island, Chile. He also discovers an eighth burst in traffic, to and from a satellite in high geostationary orbit above the Caribbean. So they know where they are.

From internal invoices he can locate some of the Terralith Eco offices that are at a gate location and being sent outsize camp, logistics, and food supplies for a small office. Looking at the supplies being sent to the gate location suggests a population of around 200.

“In this evil ceremony is required many victims, both fantastical shapechangers and ravens.” – Style Stoss, in the real Littera Daemoniorum Bibliothēcārum

Elli spends more time at the council library, and digs up another copy of the Littera Daemoniorum Bibliothēcārum from the British Library’s occult section. This time, it’s a real one, and it’s quite different – it doesn’t include the fake vulnerabilities that Tsoudain’a included, and talks about a ritual that allows them to rise to a “state of air and wind, able to bewitch women and men”, a ritual that Stoss labels “scansio/nem”.


The requirements of the ritual in the document match what they know about gathering lycanthropes, as well as other rare books and carrion crows that they know from Animal Rights contacts and hacked invoices are heading towards the gates.

Tsoudain’a isn’t just trying to free himself, or take significant control in Terralith Eco – but create a whole new definition of corporate drone.

Elli consults her antiquarian friend Miles Dersby, partially because its Latin is suspiciously classical, but mainly because the paper is wrong. He goes through her library and finds a couple of other fakes.

Hacking into the National ANPR Data Centre, Fergus identifies Gib Cain’s van, and tracks him to Sussex. With Elli’s magical help they find him tracking werewolves through the South Downs by the light of the full moon. Katrina disarms him, grabs him, and ties him up. Though he’s his usual unapologetic self about hunting monsters, and despite his continuous misogynistic taunts (interrupted only by Katrina punching him unconscious) he has enough of an uneasy conscience about working with demons to tell them what he knows about the campus.

Gib Cain got from Sweden to England by travelling though the frozen north, through Finland and into the Kola peninsula in Northwest Russia – the location of the fourth gate. He then stayed on The Campus for a couple of days, with its metallic sky and timetabled gateway to earth, until the Devon gate opens.

Meanwhile, the lethal boardroom battles at Terralith Eco continue. At the van, Katrina’s surprised by her ex-husband, still at Terralith Eco, pleading for help to get his girlfriend Maja back from the mysterious “Campus”. He claims she’s gone silent to other friends, it’s not just him getting the cold shoulder. He only knows rumours about The Campus, but it all adds to their understanding.

And so they hatch a plan – to smuggle themselves into The Campus in a packing case of food. They arm up – with sword, dagger, and nightstick-stakes (Katrina), lock-picks & boltcutters (Elli), and being herself (Patty).

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 16:44 G1 – The Timetable

Thursday Feb 1, 2018 (London time)

The Campus, unidentified hell dimension

Their crate has a lot of pre-packed snacks but, uncharacteristically for 2018, almost none of them are vegan. There’s no particular sound or sign when they go through the gate, so they’re surprised to take a peek through a knot in the wood and see a multi-armed demon chopping vegetables. They steal some catering overalls and sneak out, leaving items too bulky to sneak behind.

The Campus sprawls, tents and solar panels, across the red desert from a stone circle and mound towards jagged mountains. Large robots stride between personalised dwelling tents, and a few undisguised demons walk amongst the ostensible humans. And as per what Elli saw earlier, several bright blue circles trace their way through the sky, some with a circle on them, like being inside an orrery.

They feel significantly lighter (0.7G) and when they climb the foothills to get a better view, they realise the horizon is significantly nearer (3km) than on Earth, and that it hid some structures from casual view.

Someone in the lookout tower waves to them. They’re seen.

From their vantage point, they take in the overall plan of the site. Every building is a tent or, occasionally, scaffolding. Dwelling tents have plenty of space. Some working areas are enclosed, with only one or two ways in or out. And some are secured with fencing.

Looking around, Elli notes how the points and circles in the sky are moving out of alignment. She sketches their geometry, and realises that they come into alignment whenever the gate opens. She also comes across carvings on the stones – of horned humanoids riding worm-like creatures.

They spot Maja moving between tents, and make their way down to take a look, hoping to bluff their way through.

Two uniformed Fyarl demons (antlers, quick-setting mucus spray) are guarding that way in and demanding passes. After pleading that they’ve left their passes in a tent, one of them moves off to have a look, and (pleading an urgent appointment with Maja) the other one lets Patty go ahead. But not the other two.

Patty heads quickly through corridors following directions to Maja, and finds her behind a reception tent. Her eyes glow yellow, and she primly, almost robotically, asks how she can help. When Patty quizzes her about Patrik, her eyes flicker like a router.

And Tsoudain’a walks in.

Tsoudain’a exchanges polite pleasantries around taking over Maja’s mind, and explains he didn’t mean to have Gib Cain kidnap her. (In fact, he was constrained by his demonic pact, but no more, not after the wrap party & the ceremonial end of her contract with Stoneacre Productions / Terralith Eco). But now she’s here, a captive werebadger is just too useful to pass up.

Patty adopts the were form, as demonic guards try to grab her. (These Miquot clan this time – with a distinctive set of yellow plates running down their head, like Stegosaurus plates in the shape of a Mohican haircut.) She jumps up, tears a hole in the reinforced canvas ceiling, and leaps out.

Katrina & Elli see the fuss, and Katrina leaps into action. She bounds through the dwelling tents towards the entrance to headquarters, and leaps – assisted by the low gravity – onto the top of that tent.

Still on the ground, Elli dodges the Fyarl demons’ mucus, freezes them with a hold person spell, and ties them up. A couple of other demons try to come out, but get stuck in the Fyarl gooey quick-setting mucus.

Some sword-wielding Oriax (green scaly gladiatorial) demons come towards them on the ground, and Patty & Katrina rush them. Elli tries to knock one back with a spell, but is losing control again, and misses, pushing Katrina back instead. Surrounded, it seems grim for Patty, who is wounded and brought down. But Katrina recovers, moves back, helps her up and Patty looks a lot better (because spent a drama point).

Elli rushes ahead of the fighting trying to find Maja. One Oriax follows her – she telekinetically throws a filing cabinet at him and misses, but manages to lose him.

She finds Maja, whose eyes flicker as T’soudaina seizes control and addresses Elli. But Elli remembers an ancient Pythagorean song of liberation to restore someone’s stolen mind, grabs Maja, holds her head, and sings it.

And Maja joins in, liberated.

Our heroes manage – now with Maja’s help – to make themselves scarce. And privy to many of Tsoudaina’s thoughts, Maja can tell them more of what’s going on.

She describes Tsoudain’a has been amassing supplies for his ascension, including mundane and magical animals, especially weres, and artifacts – how The Campus holds several research and production experiments too magical or too illegal for earth, such as an anti-aging moisturiser that works by aging some imprisoned long-lived demons. And how many of them are documented in the archives.

So they hatch a scheme. Katrina will look out for Maja as she tries to use her ID to get into the archive, and copy incriminating data onto the useless archangel drive, whilst Elli and Patty try to get to the cages beyond the horizon to release the captured lycanthropes. The archives are radied perfectly, but the lookouts spot Katrina and Patty, and two large Syd Jämtland Robotik mecha start lumbering towards them.

Patty races ahead to free the lycanthropes, but Elli is taken down by a bolas from one of the mecha, surrounded, and captured.

Fri, 02 Feb 2018 08:20 G2 – The Timetable

Feb 2nd GMT, London Time

(Time in this hell dimension proceeds at the same rate as on Earth, not that anyone asked).

Several hours later, the orbits align, and the gate opens to the North Sea. This is when Oliver Portis makes his move. Dozens of black-clad security people pile through, trying to retake control of the campus. But as soon as they’re all through, Tsoudain’a makes his move, casting a ritual to bring them all under his command – and their eyes flicker in unison and shine yellow.

He has his army.

Fri, 02 Feb 2018 23:56 G3
Sat, 03 Feb 2018 15:32 G4
Sun, 04 Feb 2018 07:08 G5
- The Timetable

Our heroes spend the weekend watching and biding their time. With Maja’s help, they can get a signal home through the gate, telling people what’s happening, and Fergus, with help from Patrik, works out ways to help them. They send a signal to the council who – without letting them know – help their old Victorian watcher friend, Regina Torpington-Fortescue, to borrow a scarf of invisibility and sneak through when the gate in India opens.

Sun 4th February

Regina is able to recce the Campus, including the ruins, and uncovers some of the legends behind this hell dimension – how all life was wiped out an unknown aeon ago by a creature known only as “the devourer”, and the stone circle around the gate was keeping it at bay. If all else fails, she’s discovered a nuclear option.

Tsoudain’a respects that Elli’s magical power is greater than his, and is keeping Elli alive in case he can add her, willingly or unwillingly, to his army. She has the protective spell, he can’t enchant her.

Patty and Katrina have studied movements and locations, and have worked out a way to sneak to the tent where Elli is kept captive. Her tent is guarded by two free-willed Miquot demons and a glowing-eyed human. Katrina manages to take out the two Miquot demons, but not before the human seeps into Tsoudaina’s conscious awareness.

Patty slips through and frees Elli whilst Katrina deals with the guard. But outside, dozens upon dozens of guards are unholstering their guns in precise formation. Elli borrows Katrina’s phone, accesses the tannoys (a path that has been oiled by Fergus) and starts not just to cast the Song of Liberation, but broadcast it. As fighting breaks out between the newly liberated guards and forces loyal to Tsoudain’a, they try to find him.

But when they find him, he’s ready with his own spells, and freezes them in place, giving time for his loyal guards to tie them up. There is gloating, there is banter, and there an invisible Regina cutting them free, starting with Patty.

Patty leaps straight for Tsoudain’a, turning into wereform in mid-leap, and tearing him apart straight away. She glances at Patty & Elli for dissent before delivering the killing blow.

All that is left is to dissuade the honour-bound Oriax and Miquot clan demons from fighting in service to a dead lord, and hold the campus secure for a few days.

Sun, 04 Feb 2018 22:44 G6
Mon, 05 Feb 2018 14:20 G7

Tue, 06 Feb 2018 21:32 G1
– The Timetable

With large numbers of Terralith Eco security owing them a favour, Portis out of favour the board of directors, and many of Terralith Eco’s darkest secrets already sent through the portal, and local powers already trying to take control of the gates, they’re not inclined to try to retake it.

When the eighth gate opens into earth orbit, Elli telekinetically helps guide a missile home to take out the satellite. Fifteen hours later, they make their way home through the Devon gate, including Regina.

Everyone gathers at the bus, including the animal activist who helped put Gib Cain away, Jordi Casamitjana, who has had a look at all the information they brought out, and advises they have enough for serious criminal convictions in multiple jurisdictions – not just the obvious illegal actions, but tax avoidance for good measure. Enough to take down Terralith Eco forever.

The End