England. 2017.

The vegan revolution is brewing, and so are dark forces from vampires to demons to amoral international corporations.

The vegan food bus Stake Out travels from place to place serving great vegan food. Events have made it a magnet for the supernatural.

So it’s just as well it’s run by a were-badger and an adept of the ancient Pythagorean mathematical musical mystery cult, with help from a nonplussed vampire slayer. And has inherited the magical protections of the artefact from which it was accidentally forged.

But can they stand up to the schemes of megacorp Terralith Eco?

I designed this as a light supernatural campaign for my vegan friends. So it’s probably a bit different to the rest of the stuff here. Is it the only vegan campaign? Well, I checked, and no-one is running Bunnies and Burrows.

I’ve also spent a few years of my life on Vegetarianism: The Story So Far – A Radio History. So I’ve populated the story with mythologised versions of a lot of real-history vegetarian groups, such as the Pythagoreans.

The campaign has now concluded: if there’s any interest I can post some of my notes, spells, et cetera.

Vampires & Veggieburgers

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